Things to understand about walking as an exercise

It is a fact that walking is a good form of exercise. But, it should be done in the right manner, without facing the cramps or losing out on energy. Since, there is no investment here, it can be squeezed into the daily schedule, without much effort and hassle.

Health benefits

Walking is indeed a wonderful way to keep fit, make strong muscles, improve metabolism and get remedy for ailments. As a matter of fact, you should walk for about 40 minutes a day at least 5 times in a week to see the results.

Understanding walking as an exercise

Brisk walking: It helps the person to burn additional calories.
Controlling blood pressure: Researches have proved that walking is quite effective to decrease blood pressure peak. The person who carries out the routine regularly, would actually helps his systolic blood pressure in decreasing by about 5 points.

Reducing limb and hip fracture: Being a weight bearing exercise, it assists in enhancing the bone density, especially the lower back and hips, thus reducing limb and hip fracture.
Memory improvement: Walking does improve memory. This is achieved by enhancing hippocampus volume that is present in the brain.
Decreasing depression: With depression on the increase, walking exercise helps the individual to control the mind and calming it. it serves as a wonderful distraction, provides relaxation and boosts social interaction.

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Walking: The best exercise

Based on research and experience, I personally believe that walking does help everyone to be fit and is regarded to the best form of exercise present. It is a quite beneficial for those interested in fitness, health, aging or weight loss.

Benefits of walking exercises
• Assists in improving overall health and offers various beneficial results.
• Improves lung and heart strength, capacity and efficiency.
• Improves efficiency of the immune system of the body.
• Reduces stress
• Improves emotional condition.
• Delays several aging effects.
• Increases energy
• Helps maintaining muscle balance and tone.
• Helps to prevent osteoporosis.
• Helps to control diabetes

No investments required

Unlike other fitness regime, where there is a need for expensive equipments, place or specific timing and nutrition to be followed, walking exercise does not require any of these. As a matter of fact, no formal training is required for the person to be in shape and fit condition. All the person needs to do is to take out some time either in the morning or evening and walk for several minutes that would help them to burn some calories. Since, most of us do not undergo hectic activity that would be required by the body, walking daily can be considered to be the best and effective medicine.

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Walking or jogging: Which is better form of exercise?

Many people are simply confused as to which is a better form of exercise, walking or jogging. It entirely depends on how you feel and can absorb. If you are over 45 and find running and jogging not your cup of tea, then you can simply walk for a few miles every day or do brisk walking for a few minutes, in case, you have less time.

Why walking?

People of the senior age group, find walking a better form of exercise and enjoy it both in the morning or evening along with friends. It has no side effects and also helps in maintaining the heart beat and burns excess fat.

Is walking effective for weight loss?

You can lose weight if you can walk about 15 to 20 minutes per day. But this should be done on a hill or an inclined treadmill. While walking, one should inhale for about 5 seconds, then hold for around 5 seconds and then exhale out for 5 seconds. You need to do it one time a minute during walking. It is a proven technique to assist you in burning additional calories, while walking. Also, walking along with a friend or accompanied with a headphone can make the walking exercise an interesting activity and not a boring one.

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Walking: Is it an underrated Exercise form for weight loss

These days, most of us all over the world tend to lead a busy lifestyle, where there is no room for exercise and fitness regime. There are many people like me, who have taken to working two shifts to maintain the family and need to sit the entire day in front of the computer. This does not involve any kind of physical activity. Hence, such people tend to add on weight and also develop health related issues.

Walking exercise

If there is no time to exercise, then one should follow a fitness regime that I have started doing for some time as recommended by one of my friend, who is a health expert. Since I do not have additional time to go to gym or do workouts, I have started to walk all the way to the grocery, which is a couple of blocks away from home, do small errands just by walking and not depending on my car for transportation.

At work

I make sure that that I reach my office before time and take the stairs both ways, instead of the elevator. These small efforts did bring a great change in me and has boosted my energy levels by a huge margin.

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Walking exercise – Its health benefits

Walking is undoubtedly an important exercise that most people can perform, irrespective of their current health, age and other factors. It is just all about traveling by foot. Walking had been the only mode of getting to other places during the olden days. But the advent of sophistication and technology in our lives have made us almost depend on them, since, our walking is largely restricted indoors. There are indeed plenty of benefits for those trying to do walking outdoors. There are many health experts, who do vouch walking as a wonderful form of exercise.

Why to walk?

Walking is regarded to be a cardiovascular workout, which the researches have proved that can assist in reducing the risk of coronary heart disease. Some people have lower back pain. Walking does assist them to alleviate back pain, while preventing back injuries from further occurring.

Other benefits from walking

Walking immensely improves the muscular strength, coordination and flexibility, hence, reducing the chances of falling and tripping. Walking can also help to ease depression, improve the circulatory and the heart system. Moreover, it also reduces hypertension and infection risks that are associated with modern day lifestyle. It also helps to maintain proper bone density, healthy weight, while improving on the vitality and stamina.

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Is walking a good exercise?

height="250" align="right">There are many people who are averse to walking and prefer to take their vehicles, even while going to the nearest store to purchase something. We should walk as much possible, since it has many benefits to it. This is something that some people are not aware of and hence, become obese and tend to get various types of health related ailments, which simply might shorten their life.

Importance of walking

Walking has become more of a habit to me these days. I learnt the importance of walking exercise from my grandfather, who used to take out adequate time, both in the morning and evening to walk around the park for several miles. It is for this reason that he had a fit body and mind even at the age of 80! Experts state that walking is a wonderful form of exercise that helps the fat present in the body to dilute and to make the person fit and healthy. It leads to better thinking, an energetic mind and body and improved lifestyle that would be appreciated by everyone.

Tips to start walking exercise

Before starting to go on long walks, it would be better to check up with the family physician to make sure that it would be fine for your health. People suffering from asthma and breathing problems or having any other health related issues should first get the prior approval of their physician, who would suggest the amount of time to spend walking and other factors that they should and should not. This way, you can be healthy and not overstress yourself, which often takes place due to too much walking and not following any proper regulation.
You should walk a minimum of 30 minutes every day, or break it into two 15 minute session or even a three 10 minute sessions, which would do great help to the body.

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Walking exercise to lose weight

There are many individuals all over the world trying every way to lose their weight. This is because, people with obesity are often taunted and life becomes tough for them, since they find it hard to socialize with the others. Hence, most individuals tend to spend thousands of money on different types of medicines, pills, weight lose programs, expensive gym equipments and much more to get slim, like that of favorite TV or cinema star.

Walking: A wonderful form of exercise

An easy, effective and affordable way to lose weight is to walk a lot. The more you walk, the more you would lose on calories and the better would be your fitness. Walking also strengthens the legs and pumps up the blood circulation. This is why, most health experts recommend their patients to walk at least for a few minutes.

Benefits of walking

While walking, your heart is at a higher activity state. It gives the body enough time for sustained better and higher metabolism rate. It is necessary that you wear special walking shoes that are easily available in the market. They are available in different price ranges and sure to meet your budget. This is likely to be a good investment and by wearing such shoes, you can walk much longer, but without the pain.

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